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Armored Assault

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Armored Assault

Armored AssaultA tactical ground combat game. Two teams of 12 units each, battle to the death, on a 20×20 battlefield. Each side gets 1 move per turn, and the object of the game is to destroy the opponents command unit. There is a short round timer, to keep the battle fast paced. Over 30 different units, including Tanks, Apcs, Artillery, Mechs, etc… Based off the board game Ogre and Chess.

Set in the future, you are a combat corporation, that is looking to exterminate your competition, no matter where they might be.

Play online vs other players, or play the skilled computer AI to a single ‘random’ match or a 25 mission campaign. (5 levels of difficulty that will challenge even the best players.) Use the mouse, select friendly units when it is your turn, and a set of commands will show for each unit. Make your moves before the round timer runs out. Seek out and destroy the enemy command, which is noted with a yellow star. Destruction is your goal, take no prisoners!

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