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Captain Jack

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Captain Jack

Captain JackHelp captain Jack set up fishing nets on the lake. Hurry up, you don’t have much time. Watch out for pirates’ boat which chases you and for the shark that swims around lake. Catch gold fishes to get more points. 1. Controls:
– click left mouse bottom to point where you want your boat to sail
2. How to play:
– your job is to cover at least 75% of the lake with the fishing net (80% on level 2, 85% on level 3)
– cast your nets to mark parts of lake and grow your coverage percentage
– you can move only along lake shore or edges of your fishing nets
– try to avoid the pirate ship and sharks
– you have only 1:30 minute to do your job
3. Bonuses:
– catch the gold fish in your net
– catch shark in your net (only on level 2 and 3)
– finish level as quick as possible to get bonus points for the time left
– you get bonus points for every 1% of area covered extra
4. Game over:
– game ends when you get caught by the pirate ship or a shark for 3 times
– game ends when the time runs out
– game ends when you complete level 3

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